My Streaming Watch List

Need Netflix, Hulu, or Prime recommendations? I got you!

my streaming watchlist
Hello everyone!

Everybody loves a good watch list, right? I got a free trial for Hulu recently, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share what I’ve been streaming so far this summer. There is always plenty to enjoy, but here are some of the picks I’m looking forward to watching the most for the rest of the summer!

Love Island

All of the British vloggers I follow are obsessed with this show, and almost an entire “Keeping it Candid” podcast episode was dedicated to this show. After I listened to that recent episode on a long drive, I figured I had to see what all the fuss was about. I’ve only watched a couple episodes of the recent season, but it seems like the British equivalent to “Bachelor in Paradise.”

Full House

Almost everyone in my generation grew up watching Full House reruns. My family never got the channels that aired Full House, so I only saw a couple episodes here and there during my childhood. I’m taking full advantage of the opportunity to catch up on a missed opportunity during my childhood!

Nailed It

This show was recommended to my fiancĂ© and me by my cousin, and it is so so much fun to watch on a lazy day together!! The whole concept of the show is regular people try to bake those crazy cakes you see going viral on Facebook, and they almost always completely fail in the most hilarious ways. Honestly, they’re so relatable, because baking isn’t my strong suit either!


Everyone has been so wild for this movie, and I still haven’t seen it yet! One of these nights Tanner and I have to just sit down and watch this together just so I can experience the music and understand the references!

Amazon Prime
The Marvelous Mrs. Mazel

I’ve already finished this amazing series, and I can’t recommend it more! If you haven’t heard of this series yet, it was created by the amazing Amy Sherman-Palladino (aka the creator of Gilmore Girls). Just because of that, you know it has to be amazing. Mrs. Maisel is such a fun character, so strong, so hilarious. She is so much fun to watch, and I keep crossing my fingers for season 2 to come out!


This is an old old family favorite, but because of its availability on Prime, I get to watch it with my fiancĂ© as well. It is one of the funniest murder mystery shows out there… in my humble opinion!


So much to watch, so little time! What have you guys been watching this summer? Let me know what your favorites are down in the comments!




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