25 Questions with my Fiance!


I’ve mentioned him and you’ve seen him, but I wanted to give Tanner a formal introduction to the blog! And what better way to do that than to that than grill him with 25 questions? I’m just kidding, but I thought it would be fun for you guys to read and for us to do together. So, here’s 25 questions with my fiance! (Here’s the link to the website I got some of the questions from!)

1. First off, introduce yourself!

Hi everyone! I’m Tanner, the proud fiancé of Elizabeth who I love dearly. I currently go to school with Liz, and I took up painting last year!

2. Tell me all about your painting! (Because I want to plug your work here 🙂 )

I was bored over Christmas break last year and it felt like something was missing, so I go don’t the idea to paint. I got supplies at Walmart and I just started painting! I painted more over the next semester and set up a little studio for myself in an abandoned attic in an academic building. During the summer I started painting at home, and I quit my summer job to do painting full time. About a month into the summer I decided that I wasn’t happy with my paintings, so I took my easel outside and started painting from nature! I work with oil paints, which I like because they mix better and have a good consistency. Plus they’re more fun to work with.

3. What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

Steamy. Crabby. Electricity-y.

4. What are three words you would use to describe me?

Cute-patoot. Caring. Genius.

5. If money was no object, where would you live?

An underground kingdom in Antarctica or on the moon.

6. What do you remember the most about the day we met?

We were moving boxes together, and our hands would come very close to touching when you would take a box from me. So one of the times I was handing you a box, I made sure that our hands grazed each other.

7. What do you most look forward to about getting older?

Getting older with you, and getting a house and living together. And being crabby with the neighbor kids.

8. What scares you the most about getting older?

Nothing! Except when AI takes over… the robots.

9. What were the last two (non-school) books you’ve read?

Complication of Mark Twain short stories, and your book [Liz’s note: the short story book I wrote my senior year of high school].

10. What makes you nervous?

Clowns. I don’t like them, I hit a clown once when I was really little, but it wasn’t hard enough to inflict any damage.

11. What’s something you take a lot of pride in?

My wifey wife.

12. If you could drop everything and go on a road trip in the US (and take me with you of course), where would you go?

Madison Wisconsin because Dr. Brown always talk about it, and there’s a book store I would want to take you to. He says that it is absolutely gorgeous and that it looks like a town from the fifties.

13. What’s your favorite dance move?

I like when we slow dance.

14. We love our Goodwill dates. So, if you only had ten minutes in Goodwill but I gave you ten dollars to spend, what section would you head for first?

I haven’t been successful with clothes at Goodwill, so I would head for records or the bric-bracs. We find a lot of cool knick knacks there.

15. What’s your favorite food to get at a diner? (Because we love our diner dates, too!)

I love getting two eggs sunny side up, bacon, wheat toast with grape jelly, and hot chocolate (especially from Mount Joy diner).

16. What’s the spiciest thing you’ve ever eaten?

I feel like I had some kind of hot wings one time that were extra spicy hot buffalo, and they burned my mouth and made my nose run even with two glasses of milk.

17. What’s the lamest joke you’ve ever heard?

I went to a zoo last week. It only had a dog in it. It was a shih tzu.

18. What’s your earliest memory?

Walking downtown with my mom at a jewelry store before Y2K, and I was almost 2 years old.

19. What is your favorite nickname that I use for you?

Tan Tan Banan.

20. What’s the most spontaneous thing we’ve done together?

Going to a diner after a dance super early in the morning.

21. What’s the last thing you’ve Googled?

Dick Blick art supplies to buy oil paint.

22. What was your last dream about?

It was in Sanskrit class and the entire language of the Dream was in Sanskrit, and we were taking an exam on a rooftop in Venice.

23. What do you like the least about the activity you love the most?

[About Painting] What I hate the most would have to be when you go and drive into the middle of nowhere and set up, and you realize you have to go to the bathroom and go all the way back to the car with your gear again to drive back home or to the nearest gas station, and then you have to go all the way back to set up again.

24. When are you most yourself?

When I’m with you, and at nighttime. And when there’s barely anybody around other than you.

25. What is the riskiest thing you’ve ever done?

I was climbing at the cliff once which was a hundred foot drop, and there was a ledge I had to jump on to where there was a four foot gap. I was just climbing one day after school.

Another one is I went looking for arrowheads one day in the springtime, and the snow was melted pretty much everywhere except on the top of the mountain where I was climbing. I came to a cave and looked around and found some evidence of fire, so I had to jump down on a snowy tree to get down from the elevated cave opening, where there was a 20 foot drop into a ravine that I fell into. While I was laying there and I looked over and saw a ton of ticks and I had to run away from them. That was like five hours into hiking and I had run out of water.


We had a lot of fun doing these questions together, I hope you enjoyed reading them! It was the perfect activity for another three-hour car ride to Honesdale, so if you and your SO have any travel time ahead of you, give a game of 20 (or 25) questions a try.



Home Decor Haul!

Hello everyone!

During my birthday weekend roundup post I mentioned that we went to Target and a couple other shops while we were out and about. Ever since we got engaged, I’ve been thinking about stocking up for the little household that we’re planning on building, so I was keeping a particular eye out for home décor things on sale while we were shopping. I ended up getting some decorations and other things like that, which I thought I would share!

Of course, the first stop at Target is always the dollar section, and we really lucked out there this visit. I found this cute multi-colored pom-pom garland with little jingle bells on it, as well as this red pom-pom that says it’s a gift topper, but I think it would make a cute ornament! I also found these green placemats with gold leaves on them, and picked up four of them. I also debated getting these napkin rings, since the quality is always a gamble with the dollar section. However, they ended up being real metal and not plastic like I thought they might be, so I’m very pleased with them!

While at Target, I wanted to check out the Hearth&Hand by Magnolia Farms collection, and for the most part, the line didn’t disappoint! There were some things that I saw and liked online that weren’t at the Target that I went to that I think I want to try to hunt down, but everything that I did see was very cute and rustic-looking. I knew before we went that I wanted to try to get the welcome mat pictured, because I love the plaid-looking detail! We looked around and found some other cute things from the range, I’m still considering getting some of the green glasses, but I think I want to go to the other Target near me to get them. I love Joanna and Chip Gaines and their little family (who doesn’t??) and want to support them!

Then we went to one of my favorite independent shops in Strasburg called Blue Dandelion by Tiffany, and got this cute oven mitt, too! I love how it has the little pinecones and evergreens on it! It wasn’t too expensive, either, which I’m happy about. Then, later on during the day, Tanner and I went to Community Aid and got a couple things, including these peachy-salmon napkins that weren’t used at all from what I can tell. There were a bunch of sets of four, and we ended up getting two sets of four for about two dollars each. You have to be careful when thrifting linens and make sure they’re either barely or never used, but we lucked out with these! Finally, we took advantage of a two for 99 cents for mugs sale, and ended up getting these two cute little mugs! They’re so festive for the season, but you can use them all year, too!

Sorry for the delay for a new post for the New Year, this winter break has meant a lot of traveling for Tanner and me! Now, with only a week left of break, I will be pre-writing more content for during yet another busy semester.





Our Christmas Table

The last few Instagram posts I’ve made have been all about Christmas traditions my family has. Going to a candlelight Church service on Christmas Eve. Singing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus before we open gifts on Christmas morning. We have more… The “Tree Trim” party at my grandmother’s house with literally my entire family (60 people and all). Opening presents with my mom’s side of the family on Christmas Eve. Advent Calendars, Christmas Cards, special ornaments on the tree that only I can hang. These are all special, but the last great tradition we have for the holiday season is quite possibly the most important. Every year, my parents and I eat a steak dinner (I have vegetarian chicken). We have a red and green plaid tablecloth and green napkins that we use over and over. We use wine glasses with an evergreen winter scene painted on them for our drinks. My father always gets a rare-and-red T-bone steak paired with Coke out of a glass bottle. There’s broccoli with cheese sauce, potatoes, and Texas Toast.

This year, I’m engaged to be married. If all goes as planned, by the end of next December I’ll be finished with school. Lots is going to change in 2018, and this Christmas may be the last year of the old “normal.” And that’s a big deal. Because in my family, our traditions are repeated and executed in the same way every year. They are engraved into our lives like decorative grooves in a family heirloom. That is why this year is so bittersweet for me. I can’t wait to be married and to share a household with my husband. God has a plan for us, and it was definitely different that I always thought it would be. I wasn’t planning on entering the adult world this abruptly, but I wouldn’t change a thing. However, this big and happy change has a lot of growing pains. The fact that I may or may not wake up in my childhood home next Christmas is one of them.

Just like life, our traditions are never Currier and Ives perfect. As you can see in the pictures of our Christmas table, the tablecloth is wrinkled. There’s butter in the form of Country Crock margarine. It is, however, ours. And therefore, it is sacred. Just as sacred at the Savior that we celebrate on this day, who we sing to first thing in the morning. With all the changes this coming year will bring, I’m putting a lot of trust in Him to guide us to next December. But I’m not worried. I have faith, because His love is just as constant and engraved into our lives as our family traditions that carry us from year to year.

Great is your faithfulness.  – Lamentations 5:23


Top 5 Vlogmas Vloggers!

Hello everyone!

December is truly one of my favorite times of the year. It’s my birthday (21 in less than a week!!). Christmas music is playing everywhere (Dean Martin anyone?). But one of my favorite things is watching Vlogmas vlogs on YouTube. Personally, I would rather watch a good vlog than watch a tv show. So I have my list of subscriptions that I like to watch on a regular basis. And since it is also the time of year for winter break, which means us college kids have a lot more free time on our hands now that finals is over!

So if you want some fresh new faces on your YouTube feed, here are some of the people I’ve been watching this season! Or, since Vlogmas is nearly over, here are some vloggers to binge watch (another favorite winter break activity of mine).

1. Fleur DeForce

Fleur is an old favorite of mine. I think she was one of the first people that I ever subscribed to in middle school when I discovered the joys of YouTube. Her vlogs are always so entertaining and fun. This year is especially extra special because Fleur is expecting!

2. Naomi Smart

I discovered Naomi a few years ago and I love her warm personality. She’s super sweet, and she’s always up to something interesting.

3. Sierra and Alex

This is my first Vlogmas watching this cute couples vlog. They live in LA, so they’re having to battle the LA fires right now during their vlog this year, but they still manage to bring the Christmas cheer.

4. Cody & Lexy

Yet another set of couples vloggers. What I love about these two is they always keep it real. When they’re not daily vlogging, they’re making videos about their relationship and relationships in general, and giving real advice.

5. Tess Christine

Tess is a super grounded yet super successful fashion vlogger, but her vlogs are always fun to watch! She lives in NYC, so of course, there’s always lot to do… Especially in the city! She doesn’t post every day, but I live vicariously through her weekly vlogs!

Those are my top five! If you have a favorite, please feel free to leave a recommendation in the comments. I always have room in my subscription box for fresh new faces! My fiance and I have also been toying with the idea of starting a vlog channel together, just for kicks. So, if we end up sticking with it this winter break, T.G.I. will be the first to know. Until next time, happy watching!




21st Birthday Weekend!

Hello everyone!

So, as all of you who read my last blog post know, I turned 21 on Saturday! So, this past weekend was filled with fun birthday activities!


Before the big day on Saturday, I actually had to stay at school until the last day of the semester, on Friday. I didn’t have any more tests (I was finished on Thursday), but I needed to do a couple shifts at work before I left! After I clocked out I grabbed a few things I needed from my room and headed home. I was lucky that I was able to drive back to Lancaster when I did, because it started to snow pretty steadily just as I was settling back into the house. I hung out with my dad until I conked out and napped for a little (finals, man.) until dinnertime when my mom came home. Tanner drove to his hometown to pick up his new car (!!) before coming home to stay, and I was so relieved to see him since it had gotten a little icy outside with the freezing temperatures and the slushy snow.


We slept in pretty late, and had a breakfast brunch with my parents. My mom made cinnamon buns with cut up strawberries and it was divine! Especially compared to the breakfast food at school. Mom’s food is always without a doubt 1,000,000 times better!! After that, we just hung around and talked before I went upstairs to get ready for my birthday dinner. Tanner and I went to go pick up my best friend Sammie from her house, and we drove into the city for dinner at Rachel’s Creperie! It is one of my very favorite restaurants, and it was especially perfect for my 21st because it is BYOB! So, my mom bought me a couple pink wines to pick from, and we ended up having Barefoot Pink Moscato, which is my favorite. It was the perfect evening, with my fiance, parents, and best friend all in one place for dinner! Dessert was the best, too, because we all shared a Death by Chocolate crepe, which was absolutely delicious. Highly recommend.

After that, we went back to my house and just hung out, with the three of us playing Animal Crossing and laughing together until about 10, before we had to take Sammie back home. After that, Tanner and I had wanted to go to Target but they ended up being closed, so we drove around and got Arby’s (for him) and Burger King (for me… the only fast food restaurant with a veggie burger!). Then we just drove around a development near me to look at Christmas lights. Now, we’re blogging together before bed, planning the month-long break stretching ahead of us 🙂


Today we woke up late (again, still recovering from finals!) and went to Cracker Barrel for brunch. It was a fruitful breakfast, I got that dumb peg puzzle down to one for the second time in my life! Then I had some good sunny-side-up eggs and some hashbrown casserole, which made me a happy camper. What made me even more of a happy camper was the fact that we went to Target afterward. I made a bunch of great home decor purchases, which I have decided to make into a haul post (coming soon!). But let me just tell you guys one thing: Hearth&Hand by Magnolia Farms is everything.

Then we went to a cute little shop in Strasburg that I like called Blue Dandelion by Tiffany, and roamed around there for a little while. I love that shop because it always has cute trinkets and things, but it’s gotten increasingly expensive and out of my price range. But it’s always fun to look! Maybe even get some ideas for a DIY project (or post?).

Then Tanner and I went to Michael’s so that he could pick up some paint brushes and smaller canvases to work on this break, and then we headed over to Community Aid to roam around and look at the “bric-brac” section. Today was a little strange because we both walked out feeling a little grimy, like when a thrift store isn’t too clean, but we did find a couple more cute things to include in the home decor haul! Then we came home for dinner, and we introduced Tanner to one of our family favorite TV shows, Warehouse 13. After a couple of episodes, we finally were able to trim the Christmas tree all together!

Now, we’re blogging together again before we head to bed. Tomorrow we are road-tripping up to Honesdale to hang out with Tanner’s family, which is always exciting! Our road trips are always fun, and we’re definitely going to do a diner date somewhere either during the road trip or while in Honesdale.

This weekend was so very special. I’m so thankful that I got to spend my birthday weekend with my family, fiance, and best friend, who made it all very very special! I feel I should also say, it feels pretty awesome to be able to enjoy pink Moscato legally. It’s my favorite 🙂

In the meantime, I have a bunch of posts lined up for the rest of break, so stay tuned! It’s been so great to be able to blog freely again. If you have any requests or blog post ideas, please feel free to leave them in the comments, or find me on my socials!




21 Things I’m Thankful for on my 21st Birthday!

Hello everyone!

Long time, no write! As I was surviving the most challenging semester I have ever had to endure, I spent a lot of time over the last couple of months focusing on school, and forgetting to count my blessings. Now that it’s my birthday, as well as my first full day of winter break, what better way to celebrate than to think of the things in my life that make everything worthwhile. So, without further ado (and in no particular order), here are 21 things that I am INCREDIBLY thankful for on my 21st birthday!

  1. My mother, who 21 years ago today pushed me out with no drugs and without saying a single curse word while doing so (as my dad says). God bless, momma. Thank you for my life, and for being my best friend!
  2. By extension, my dad. For all his continuing advice, love, and support.
  3. My incredible fiance Tanner, who is my love, life, and my rock. Without him, I would be absolutely lost and definitely crazy. A big thank-you to him for keeping me grounded this semester, and loving me at my crabbiest. I love you with my whole heart.
  4. My family. All of whom are the foundation of who I am as a person.
  5. Best friends.
  6. Both old and new friends. Each and every one of you are so wonderful and I am so thankful to have each of you in my life.
  7. The opportunity to learn at college, even if it is often the reason why I am stressed and crabby.
  8. God and my relationship with him, which is often rocky but always steadfast.
  9. And, by extension, Christmas and the fact that I have my birthday during such a wonderful and cheerful time!
  10. Music. It has always been a huge part of my life, whether it be through chorus or listening to it to keep sane throughout the day.
  11. Books, and the impact they’ve had on my life. I’m not a literature major for nothing! Books are one of the most wonderful things in life, in my opinion anyway.
  12. Autumn. It’s my favorite season and it makes my heart and soul happy.
  13. Dancing. Especially slow dancing.
  14. Counseling. I will probably do a blog post dedicated to my positive experience with using counseling to deal with my body image issues. But counseling has helped me deal with these emotions tremendously, and I’m in a much better place mentally because of it.
  15. The fact that I am blessed enough to have a roof over my head, food to eat, clothes to wear, and shoes on my two feet.
  16. The fact that vegetarian food has come so far since I became a vegetarian when I was 9 years old. Seriously, the vegetarian options have come so, so, so far in the last 12 years.
  17. Coffee.
  18. Laughter, and how it can brighten up even the most dreary of days!
  19. Netflix and warm blankets, since the two are often used together in my life! Preferably with Tanner.
  20. Pink Moscato. And the fact that I can legally buy it at will.
  21. And lastly, those who choose to take whatever precious time out of their day in order to read this blog! I have been blogging since my freshman year of high school, and I’ve recently had my 2 year anniversary on WordPress! I love blogging, and I am so appreciative to whoever reads these posts and supports the blog! Thank you!

I can’t quite believe that I’m 21. It’s a big one!! I’ll be posting a weekend-wrap-up on Monday to show you guys all that I did on this special weekend. Until then, have a wonderful rest of your weekend!







Mom Mantras to Obey for Better Skin

Hello everyone!

So my skin is so finicky and unpredictable, and certain times of year make it worse. However, when I get into a routine and I make steps to take the best care of my skin, that is when my skin does much better! And, in writing this post, I realized that all of these are basic things that my mom would preach to me as a child. Momma was right! These may seem obvious and mundane, but once I started doing them every day at the beginning of the summer, I saw a definite difference in my skin!

Drink your water.

This is probably one of the first things out of everyone’s mouth when they’re talking about better skin. Roll your eyes if you will, but I can definitely testify that drinking much more water helped my skin tremendously! I like to keep my water bottle with me all the time, so that I have it there to sip on so that I don’t forget. Also, if you feel super thirsty all of a sudden, chug your water! My mom always told me that’s your body’s way of telling you that it needs that refreshment. So, don’t feed it Coke or sugary drinks when you feel this way, either. That’ll just make you feel even worse.

Wash your face.


Another no-brainer, but this is probably the most crucial habit to get into if you want to take good care of your skin. If you can get to the point where you wash your face every night with the same steps, then you’ll form the habit and it’ll be harder to forget. Also, two bonus “mom mantras” that go along with this: ALWAYS moisturize and NEVER sleep in your makeup!

Take Your Vitamins.


I started taking these vitamins from Nature’s Bounty, and after about a month I started feeling and noticing a difference, in both my skin and my hair! I like these as well because since they’re gummies and they taste good, I remember to take them. That was a trick my mom would use with me when I was little… I never forgot to take those Flintstones vitamins because I liked them so much!

Use Your Sunscreen.

Sunscreen is always, always, always a must. But when it comes to my face, sunscreen can either break me out or dry me out, so it can be hard to keep myself protected. So I think that, for your face, it’s important to find a sunscreen that works well for you. I started using this Neutrogina sunscreen and it really works well for me! Also, even if you’re not going out on the beach, it’s good to still use SPF, so I also like this moisturizer, and I use it after I wash my face in the morning. Also, don’t forget about the lips as well! This Pacifica chapstick is pretty good… It’s not my absolute favorite, but I really like how it is tinted.

I hope you guys enjoyed this mom mantra post… Let me know if you liked it and maybe I could make it into a series! Because there are lots of life lessons my mom drilled into my head that I would love to share as well 🙂