New releases I can’t wait for

Hello everyone!

It’s been a minute. I really dropped the ball on blogging over the summer. However, I felt like I had run out of ideas on things to write about… You can only write so much about skincare, you know? So I’m just going to go with the flow and post more about pop culture and media, because that’s what I’m really obsessing over right now. And there’s so much to talk about! There are so many new releases coming out over the next few months, and I think we need to take a moment and obsess and fangirl about all of them together. So, without further ado, here’s some media that I just can’t wait to consume.


The 1975’s new album, which comes out in November. I keep replaying the four singles they’ve already released because I think they’re pure gold. However, you can only replay four songs over and over for so long. I need my fix. Also, they’ve posted pictures and music videos on their YouTube account, and I’m here for it. Go check out the music videos right now, and start with TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME (this one’s my favorite)–yes that’s the actual name of the song.


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is being released on Netflix on October 26 tomorrow!!). I’ve been watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch over again recently, and I can’t wait to see the more thriller-esque spin of one of my favorite shows. It’s also by the creators of Riverdale, so it’s got to be gooood. However, as a reader of the original comic as well, I’m a little nervous (as I was when Riverdale came out). However, I (so far) love who they cast as the characters, so we’ll see how I like it. I’ll report back when I’ve binge-watched the entire show over 48 hours, as one does.


What new releases are you looking forward to listening to/reading/watching? Let me know in the comments, or come talk to me on Instagram @thegingerintrovert! I would love to hear any recommendations for awesome content you have as well!