Home Decor Haul!

Hello everyone!

During my birthday weekend roundup post I mentioned that we went to Target and a couple other shops while we were out and about. Ever since we got engaged, I’ve been thinking about stocking up for the little household that we’re planning on building, so I was keeping a particular eye out for home décor things on sale while we were shopping. I ended up getting some decorations and other things like that, which I thought I would share!

Of course, the first stop at Target is always the dollar section, and we really lucked out there this visit. I found this cute multi-colored pom-pom garland with little jingle bells on it, as well as this red pom-pom that says it’s a gift topper, but I think it would make a cute ornament! I also found these green placemats with gold leaves on them, and picked up four of them. I also debated getting these napkin rings, since the quality is always a gamble with the dollar section. However, they ended up being real metal and not plastic like I thought they might be, so I’m very pleased with them!

While at Target, I wanted to check out the Hearth&Hand by Magnolia Farms collection, and for the most part, the line didn’t disappoint! There were some things that I saw and liked online that weren’t at the Target that I went to that I think I want to try to hunt down, but everything that I did see was very cute and rustic-looking. I knew before we went that I wanted to try to get the welcome mat pictured, because I love the plaid-looking detail! We looked around and found some other cute things from the range, I’m still considering getting some of the green glasses, but I think I want to go to the other Target near me to get them. I love Joanna and Chip Gaines and their little family (who doesn’t??) and want to support them!

Then we went to one of my favorite independent shops in Strasburg called Blue Dandelion by Tiffany, and got this cute oven mitt, too! I love how it has the little pinecones and evergreens on it! It wasn’t too expensive, either, which I’m happy about. Then, later on during the day, Tanner and I went to Community Aid and got a couple things, including these peachy-salmon napkins that weren’t used at all from what I can tell. There were a bunch of sets of four, and we ended up getting two sets of four for about two dollars each. You have to be careful when thrifting linens and make sure they’re either barely or never used, but we lucked out with these! Finally, we took advantage of a two for 99 cents for mugs sale, and ended up getting these two cute little mugs! They’re so festive for the season, but you can use them all year, too!

Sorry for the delay for a new post for the New Year, this winter break has meant a lot of traveling for Tanner and me! Now, with only a week left of break, I will be pre-writing more content for during yet another busy semester.