A truly gorgeous day!


Today was such an incredibly beautiful day. I took a long run in the sunshine, and afterwards I took a shower and played with the new hairstyle afterward… I blew out my hair and then curled it with the 1″ curling iron, put in the texturizing cream, and then hairsprayed the crap out of it when I was done styling, and I love how it turned out! So, on a gorgeous sunny day like this, what’s a millennial to do but take some selfies?

Also, when I was in my backyard, a visitor turned up on the deck! I’ve named him Unicorn Kitty, and he’s been a wandering around the neighborhood for years, but he’s been hanging out on our deck more often lately.

He is the sweetest thing on earth. While I was taking the pictures, he would follow me around and brush up against my legs and purr. I love cats so much, I wish I could take this little one in! Such a sweetie. If only allergies weren’t a thing.

Right now I’m celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Hills and I’m watching an old DVD set of the first season. I’m a sucker for old reality shows like that, and Laguna Beach.

I’m going out of town tomorrow, but I will have a summer workout playlist up in the early afternoon before I leave. So check back tomorrow for all of my current favorite songs to run to!


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      1. Morganth3Bayer

        That’s how I ended up with my cats! We went out of town and I found a momma cat with kittens and they were starving, when we packed up to head home I packed up the cats and said we had to take them haha!! We kept the mom and one of the kittens!


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