Summer Workout Playlist

Well, Hello!

I don’t know about you, but when I’m out running, I need to listen to songs that I love and can sing along to and just make me want to dance. Because if a song doesn’t make you want to break down and dance it out, what’s the point, right?!? These songs pump me up and get me in the zone, and most importantly, they distract me from the fact that RUNNING SUCKS. Like, it really really sucks. But it’s good for me, so I do it anyway, and these songs have been getting me through those hellish runs in the scorching (beautiful) heat this summer!

Can’t Stop the Feeling!- Justin Timberlake

I. Adore. This. Song. Every time I hear it, I feel the need to dance like a crazy person, even if I’m driving. If you want incredibly fun workouts to do at home, I found this amazing YouTube channel called Saskia’s Dansschool, and they choreographed a Zumba routine to this song! It’s so so much fun, so if you want to check it out, CLICK HERE!!

Good Intentions- Chainsmokers feat BullySongs

The lyrics on this song kind of suck if you really listen. But when you’re running, it’s all about that beat, and this song has a rocking sound to it.

Work from Home- Fifth Harmony

All of Fifth Harmony’s songs have this heat to them, and this song is no exception. This song makes me want to work it and slay that last mile.

Toothbrush- DNCE

I am in love with DNCE’s new EP, all of the songs are so upbeat and fun!

Rock Bottom- Hailee Steinfeld

This song is just beautiful and it also features DNCE, which is another new favorite of mine, as previously mentioned.

Hymn for the Weekend- Coldplay

I love Coldplay’s new sound in this! Drop that beat.

Sit Still, Look Pretty- Daya

This song speaks to me, and makes me push myself to be a Queen who don’t need no man to run her miles for her!

No Money- Galantis

Again, this song speaks to me. On a spiritual level.

YOUTH- Troye Sivan

This song is so smooth that it gets me in the cool down mood. And Troye is amazing. Have you seen the music video? It’s seriously amazing. Go watch it.

Hide Away- Daya

This is such a good cool down song. When I was at school, they played this song during the cool down at my Zumba class and it is so soothing to stretch to.

Head on over to my Spotify account to listen! My username is Writerchic, and the playlist is called Summer 2016 Workout Playlist!

So go ahead, hit play, work it out, and let me know what you think! I also reserve the right to add songs to this playlist, so if you want, you can follow the playlist on Spotify and see what all I add this summer! I’ll post music updates here on the blog, too.

Happy Running!


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