1 house dress 4 ways for all of Fall!

How I style 1 house dress for late summer, early, mid, and late fall!

Hello everyone!

I’m all about this house dress trend I’m sure you have all seen on Instagram by now! They’re so easy to thrift, they’re OH SO comfortable, and I think they’re incredibly easy to style up for all the different times of year! This house dress is no different. I thrifted it at one of my all time favorite mom-and-pop thrift shops in the town where I went to college. The dress itself was $4, and considering how much wear I’ve already gotten out of it, and will continue to get out of it, it was worth every penny (all 400 of them).

So, to demonstrate, I thought I would show you guys how I plan on styling this house dress well into the fall months!

Late August

I know it’s already September, but time travel back two weeks with me to late August! Or… late summer! The temperatures were still pretty high, so there was no need to layer, but I did want to start integrating some transitional pieces into the ‘fit. So, I paired the dress in its natural sleeveless form with a pair of brown riding boots and a chunky vintage belt! Who said a house dress needed to look baggy all the time? And, I added this Room Shop Vintage hair scarf for the final touch!


Ah, yes, here we are in September! I truly love this part of the fall… With the temperatures just beginning to drop and all the anticipation building for the ~Spooky Season~. But, sometimes it can still get pretty steamy in September, so it’s important to have layers! That’s why this open knit yellow cardi is perfect to pair with the house dress during this time. A little chilly? Put the cardigan on! A little steamy? Take it off! No biggie. And I mean… why not add the cowboy boots for a funky twist?


By October there’s no question about it, the weather has gotten much colder and long sleeves are an essential. But, those long sleeves don’t have to be boring. A puff-sleeve makes everything better! I paired this high collared, puff sleeve 80’s-does-Victorian blouse with the house dress, and it looks amazing layered underneath! And, it looks vaguely witchy with the frilly high collar, black and silver belt, and ankle boots! I felt like Stevie Nicks in this, which is always the goal IMO.


By November, jackets are an absolute necessity. I love a good denim jacket, and this dark wash looks great with the house dress! I also layered a turtleneck underneath as well for some added warmth, and paired the whole ensemble with my favorite autumnal burgundy Doc Martens with a burgundy belt to match. Also, once November does arrive, I would probably wear a pair of tights underneath the dress as well.


Which outfit was your favorite? I love transitioning some of my favorite summer pieces into my fall wardrobe, so if you liked this post, leave a comment down below with any more suggestions you might have! Also, come on over to my Instagram (@thegingerintrovert) and leave a comment there too! I made an IGTV featuring these looks, so be sure to head on over and watch these ‘fits in action.

Until next time!