Weekend to Weekend: Adventure in Philly and Friendsgiving

Hello everyone!

So the last week, starting with last weekend, has been pretty nuts for me. Mostly, I was just stressing about the lasts quizzes and papers I had due last week and in the couple of days coming up before Thanksgiving Break, but there were some exciting things as well. We’ll begin with…

// SUNDAY //

Last Sunday I went to Philly to see my cousin at the Craft Show at the Convention Center last Sunday. I took the train with my parents, which was crazy. There must have been an Eagles game going on that night, because almost every seat on that train was filled. However, I was lucky enough to land a window seat on the way there. I watched the gorgeous farmland and countryside pass me by the entire train ride.

By the time we got to Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station, it was around noon. We had lunch at the train station’s cafeteria, which was surprisingly diverse in its options. I ended up having a grilled cheese from one of the stands, and it was delicious.  Then, we walked about a mile to the Convention Center. Along the way, we passed City Hall and a gorgeous cathedral, and I fan-girled over the gorgeous architecture. Because I’m a total geek like that, I guess. Here are only a fraction of the pictures that I took of the buildings, and of the LOVE sign, as well!

Here are some other pictures of the walk to the Convention center:

I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to take pictures of the art at the Craft Show, but i wish i had more pictures than I do of all of the amazing pieces that were there. There was jewelry, sculptures, ceramics, and even instruments. The genius of the people featured there blew my mind.

By the time we were walking back to the train, I was exhausted after being on me feet all day. However, that still didn’t stop me from my picture taking frenzy. Here is one of my favorites from the evening:


On Wednesday of this week, my college held it’s Thanksgiving Dinner. It is a tradition here, and almost everyone comes out and partakes in this yearly tradition. Then, after we’ve all stuffed ourselves with mashed potatoes and pie, we all gather around the biggest elm tree on campus and have our Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. Santa comes, of course, and after the tree is lit, the president of the college reads us a Christmas story. There’s hot chocolate and cookies, and it’s possibly one of my favorite events during the entire year.

And, me being me, you know I took a million pictures. Here’s a few!

The dress that I wore for the Thanksgiving Dinner was loaned to me by my fabulous roommate. Everyone dresses to the 9’s for the event and I couldn’t decide what I wanted to wear. Then, of course, the leggings, scarf, and parka came out for the tree lighting.

This weekend was fun as well, even though most of it was spent studying and writing papers. The most notable night was Saturday, when my friends and I decided to go off campus for dinner and go to a restaurant in town. We waited nearly an hour for our food, but it was worth it when it finally did come. I got veggie fajitas, and they were to die for. Then, to top the night off, we all watched She’s The Man in my dorm room. Breaking up the busy week and weekend with having fun with my best friends made all of that stress worth it (or, livable). Laughter makes anything better.




The Weekenders: Lots of Donuts & Homecoming


Hello everyone!

Saying “happy Monday” seems a little like an oxymoron, but I hope you all had a good start to the week anyway. I hope you all also had a fun weekend! I know I did. This weekend was full of adventures, and I thought i would document it for you guys.

// Friday // 

On Monday or Tuesday of last week, my best friends and I all decided that since last week was going to be pretty rough, that we would do something fun on Friday. We decided to drive to a Duck Donuts that was about 20 minutes away. One of my friends had talked about it how good it was we thought it would be a good way to mark the end of a long week, and I looked forward to our trip all week!

Once Friday night came, we went to Dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s, which is always delicious. I had the salad bar and those croutons are to die for. After that, we thought we would go to Walmart to let our food settle and check out their Halloween costumes. We had fun playing with the different costumes and deciding which costumes we wanted. I picked out my costume… But you guys will have to wait and see my Halloween post to see what I picked!

When we got out of the car at Duck Donuts and started walking towards the door, I could smell the donuts from outside! It was so hard to craft a donut from all of the choices that they gave us! I got four donuts, gotta have something for breakfast, right? And I got one for my boyfriend, too.


We were able to watch the donuts be fried and decorated, and when we ate them the donut was still warm from the fryer. It was heavenly. Seriously, if you have a Duck Donuts near you and you’ve never been, I really recommend going! If you’re a donut fan (who doesn’t like donuts?!) than you’ll love this place. Get the Oreo donut (bottom right in the box in the picture above) from the “customer favorites” section on the little card you use to order your donuts. It seriously tastes like they melted down an Oreo.

My friends and I all took so many pictures there at our table, I think the employees at Duck’s thought we were nuts. We got so many strange looks. But who cares, right? Gotta capture the moment in remembrance of the donuts. Here’s some of the cute pictures we took:



Side note: The coffee was really good, too. I tried their Pumpkin Harvest coffee and I definitely recommend. This is coming from a girl who loves her plain black coffee!

Love my friends ❤

// Saturday //

Saturday was Homecoming at my college, and I was woken up at *cough* eleven *cough* by the parade outside my window. Not a bad way to be woken up, to be honest. Better than the usual angry alarm clock.

Campus was swarmed with parents, families, alumni, and students out to enjoy the festivities. There’s a Homecoming fair after the parade that everyone goes to, and all the clubs on campus come out and sell stuff at tables around the quad. There was a band playing, too, and they were pretty good… Better than the band last year, that’s for sure.They played oldies songs like “Sweet Caroline” and “It’s Raining Men.”

I manned the table for the Creative Writing club. We sold bookmarks for a dollar, and we did pretty well if i do say so myself! I also took a walk around with my friends to see what the other clubs were selling, and there were some really great things. I think I got a little carried away, but totally worth it.

We got a beautiful day. It ended up getting pretty warm, I was way overdressed in my sweater and puffy vest!

Later that night, we went to the Homecoming Buffet with all of our friends, here’s a selfie I took afterward with my roommate, hot fresh apple cider in hand:


// Sunday //

Sunday night my roommate and i woke up and decided to go to Dunkin’ Donuts to get coffee and something to eat for breakfast. I know, lots of donut shops! And, on a whim I decided to try their pumpkin macchiato, and I really liked it. Again, this is coming from a girl who loves her black coffee with nothing else. What have I become??

On the drive there and back, we listened to throwback songs, like Ashley Tisdale’s “He Said She Said” and Jonas Brothers. It blows my mind that some of those songs are ten years old. I can’t comprehend it.


After we got back from Dunkin’, my boyfriend arrived and we spent the rest of the day together. Lots of time was spent taking silly pictures like this on Snapchat:


After that, we went to the praise service on campus and then went to dinner. I did some reading and got some homework done. Then, the weekend was over. It’s always a bummer, especially after such a good weekend like this one, but lots of good memories were made. I’m so thankful for all of these people who I love so much!

I hope you all made lots of memories this weekend, and have a great week!



Hello all, I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Even though I am still getting over this finals-week-stress-cold, I still had a fun weekend.

On Friday I woke up around 1… I know, I know, but I think I really needed the sleep because I felt a lot better when I woke up. When I realized the time, I jumped out of bed and exercised, ate lunch, and headed out the door to do some Christmas shopping. I only had the time for Target, and though I didn’t find anything for the remaining friends on my list, I did get a cute crop top that will be perfect for Holiday parties. (Lookbook coming soon!)

When I came home I felt worse. Shopping really took it out of me, so I stayed in and watched Elf. I love that movie! It cracks me up and always puts me in a Christmas-y mood. “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear!”

On Saturday I started the day out with a drive around the country near my house. Here’s a landscape picture that I took…

So thankful to live on such a beautiful country-side!

And an outfit of the day…


My mom and I went shopping at the local Christian bookstore for gifts and Khols for shows. The mall was so insanely crowded I almost asked to turn around and go home, but I am so glad that I didn’t because the sales were worth it. Even my mom, who is very, very picky about what kind of shoes she buys, found a pair that she liked.

After dinner, my family finally put up our Christmas tree! My dad and I always work together to put up the tree, and my job is to sort and fluff the “branches” of our twenty-one year old faux-pine while he puts it together.

This was only part of the mess of branches.

It gets a little more difficult every year, but we always do a fine job in the end. It got to be too late to decorate the tree, but the garland, lights, and angel are up and ready to go!

On Sunday, we decorated the tree. We have ornaments from vacations, from both my mom and my dad’s childhoods, antiques, crafts from my elementary school years, things like that. It’s always fun to arrange the ornaments just so.


Right now, my mom and I are working on projects while we’re watching Veggie Tales, The Star of Christmas. Because you’re never too old for Veggie Tales. My mom is making German stars for Christmas presents and I’m planning for this coming week. Tomorrow, I’m cleaning my room. Maybe rearranging it, too. That is, if I can lift my furniture. We’ll see how that goes down. I’m working on blog post ideas, too! The flood gates have been opened.

On that note, a bit of news! I am getting a new camera for my birthday next week, so the picture quality is about to get a lot better on this little blog! I’ll probably stick to my phone when I’m documenting my weekend for the round up posts like these just because it’s easier, but I have plans for fashion posts, recipe tutorials, and more! I’m so excited to get started!