How to survive dorm showers!

I share with you all of the things that make showering in a dorm easier!

Hello everyone!

I have a confession to make. I absolutely hate showering  at least while I’m here at school. It can be super uncomfortable to shower in a more public place than your own personal shower at home. But over the years, I’ve discovered ways to make myself want to shower, or even just to get me into the stall. These tips can even be applied to all you gym-going girls out there, because it all works pretty similarly! Here are some of the essentials I’ve come up with over the years here at college to make showering more fun… Or bearable.


Find shower shoes with traction.

Take it from me. Foam flip-flops are great for the beach, but they don’t make the cut when they’re completely waterlogged from the showers. I ditched my pair pretty quickly freshman year after I slipped coming out of the shower. Funnily enough, I found my trust shower flip-flops at the beach. They have major traction, and they’ve made it this far to junior year, so they have held up great so far! Invest in a pair with material isn’t too absorbent and has good traction so you don’t fall.


Nice smelling soaps and hair products you’ll want to use.

Maybe even look forward to using! Recently, I’ve been loving the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner, which is an old favorite I’ve used since I was a kid. Also, I’ve recently discovered this Beauty & Planet Coconut and Ylang Ylang body wash that smells so good! Because I love how these smell and how they feel, I look forward to using them. Gathering products like these that you’ll enjoy will motivate you to go take that shower… It’s the little things!


A plastic shower caddy with room to spare.

I say get one with room because you never want to find that you’re missing an essential in the middle of your shower. It’s the absolute worst to trudge down the hall to get your shampoo while you’re drenched. So, get yourself a big caddy like this from Target and keep all your things inside it. That way, you’re never without your razor or conditioner when you’re in need of it.

A playlist you love. (And a speaker to go with.)

Maybe even to sing along to, if you’re so inclined! If I’m in the mood to sing, I go with Britney Spears. Other days, I go with Japanese House’s “Clean” and “Pools to Bathe In” EPs (I write more about this band here), if I’m in a more reflective mood. Compose a playlist of songs you love and can get lost in while you shower. If you’re listening to good music, you won’t hear… Whatever else you’re liable to hear going on in a dorm bathroom.

As for a speaker, I got a Bluetooth speaker for Christmas two years ago that I love (this SCS speaker). However, my Iphone’s speaker does just as well if I angle it into the corner of one of the tiled walls (which helps with the resonance). Because me being me, I forget to charge the Bluetooth speaker sometimes.


If there’s anything that helps you deal with the showers, or even college dorms, leave it in the comments below!



Energy Bites! A Healthy Snack Recipe

Hello everyone!

So I know that I am not the only one that struggles with finding healthy snacks that actually keep me full and satisfied. Something that I have come to learn (the hard way!) about my body is that I need a lot of protein in order to function and feel well… And I think that applies to almost everyone! While I was here in California, my aunt introduced me to a recipe that tastes good, is high in protein, and is six-year-old approved (which I think we can all agree, six-year-old approval is hard won!) I tried these energy bites for breakfast one morning and I can testify that three of them kept me full until lunchtime! That, and they are so delicious, I knew that I had to share the recipe with you guys! They are so super simple to make, I know that I’ll be making them on the regular once I’m home! Here’s the recipe:

1 cup dry oatmeal

2/3 cup toasted coconut flakes

1/2 cup peanut butter

1/2 cup ground flaxseed

1/2 cup chocolate chips/chunks, or cocao nibs

1/3 cup honey, maple syrup, or agave nectar

1 tbsp. Chia seeds

1 tsp. Vanilla extract

So once you mix these ingredients together, use your hands to roll it into balls, and refrigerate them! After that, you’re good to go! This recipe will make about 3 dozen of these energy bites, but make sure you eat them in about a week!

Also, add or subtract anything you like! But keep in mind, all of the seeds and nuts are what makes these energy bites so high in protein 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed this recipe! If you make these, make sure to send me a picture, or to tag me in one on Instagram!




Motivation in a fitness rut?

Sometimes, getting up the gumption to work out is difficult.

Whether you’re too tired, too sore, or generally don’t have a whole lot of interest in working out, getting up that motivation can be difficult.

In the last two years, there were multiple (and I mean multiple) times where I wouldn’t work out for a week or two because I just wasn’t feeling it. I’ll admit that I just had a significant period of time pass by without working out regularly. However, I went to Universal to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter over spring break, and my hotel had a really amazing gym that was usually pretty empty. I went to the gym both of the full days that I was there, and it reminded me how much I love exercising! I’ve kept it up for about a week and a half now, but it is definitely hard to establish the habit like I had before. But it’s so, so worth it! I can’t believe I forgot how much I love exercising, and how amazing it feels to successfully complete a workout.

I feel like a huge part of the problem was that I just wasn’t motivated like I was. I lost the weight and I got comfortable. Too comfortable. It’s so crazy how easily I fell out of a habit I had worked so hard to establish, but the fire just wasn’t there anymore. However, I have recently discovered a couple of things that kindle that fire to work out again. Here are a few of the tricks I have used in the past to motivate myself to get up and get moving when I really don’t feel like it.

Buying new exercise clothes.

Don’t go too crazy, but it’s great incentive to use them and exercise if you spent your hard-earned money on a new tank or pair of sneakers!

Setting out all your clothes and gear ahead of time.

If I set out my bag and my outfit the night before, I am way more likely to get up and out to the gym. It’s one less excuse, because if it’s all picked out already then you don’t have to rummage through your drawers and waste energy on picking out an outfit.

Getting a friend in on the fun!

I always prefer to go to the gym with a friend, and this way you can keep each other accountable. My friend Missy and I go for runs or to the gym together sometimes, and it’s the best motivator to get myself up and out of bed if she’s texting me to get my butt up!

Setting aside your work outs as your “me-time.”

As an introvert, my “me-time” and emotional-recharge time is so important to me. However, I also feel guilty if I just lay like a lump on my bed watching Netflix doing nothing. However, if I go to the gym and watch Netflix on the elliptical, then I’m being productive as well as getting my mind off of my work.

Watching fitness videos and vlogs.

I love it when other people find happiness and joy in fitness as well, and I love to watch videos on health and fitness. I’m not sure why, but I find them so inspiring.

I hope this helped you if you’re in a rut with your workout routine! If you have any tricks as well, please feel free to share in the comments!



P.S. Want to read more about my weight loss journey? Read about it HERE!

What I ate in a day: Busy first day volunteering!

I’ve been seeing so many bloggers and vloggers try their hands at “What I eat in a day” posts, that I thought I might try my hand at it! I documented everything that I ate in one day, and going though the pictures now it doesn’t really look like much… This day was especially busy for me (great job picking the day, Liz!), because I started a volunteering gig for the summer, so my day was pretty much taken up by exercising, getting ready and attempting to make myself look presentable, and volunteering. I woke up kind of late, too, and since I don’t like eating before I go for my run, that means that I didn’t eat a breakfast.

For my lunch, however, I went with more breakfast-y foods, and I made Minute Oats oatmeal with blueberries, half a banana, granola, and agave. I also had wheat toast with peanut butter.


I am a firm believer in healthy snacking. I think that five smaller meals in a day is so much better for your metabolism than three big meals, so I love Kind bars like these, especially when I am really busy and I can’t sit down and eat something. I think I literally ate this as as I was walking out the door and as I drove. This one is my favorite, since it has dark chocolate, and it’s so good!


Another snack that I had were the rest of these Harvest Snaps green pea crisps. I love these! They’re such a satisfying snack when you’re craving something salty (but they’re not too salty either, which is nice). I honestly think that I like these better than potato chips.


For dinner, I met my dad at a local restaurant. It is a fantastic creperie, and my family loves going there. We probably go at least once a month, and all of their crepes are amazing! I tried their special for the day, which was their pineapple pizza crepe (I left off the ham since… vegetarian life!) and guys… It was SO. GOOD. I can only hope that they have this crepe when I go back next time, because I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I think it may be the best thing I’ve ever tasted in my life.


When my mom came home from a business dinner, she brought back some goodies for us to share, including these macarons! They were so delicious, and it was such a nice surprise, since I hadn’t had macarons in 2 or 3 years! There were three different flavors and two of each, so my mom and I both got to try each flavor. There was lemon, black raspberry, and chocolate. They were all good, but the chocolate was definitely my favorite 🙂


I really enjoyed doing this! Even if I was that basic girl taking pictures of her food, but I really don’t care, haha! I love cooking and eating (obviously), so whenever I make or eat something interesting for a day, I’ll be sure to share. And by “interesting,” I mean other than my usual Morningstar Farms “chicken” salads and yogurt. Because that’s what I eat for the majority of the time. Oh, and those mini Babybel cheese things. They’re bomb. I could live off those.

With love and food,