Confidence even in the CRAZIEST get-ups!

Hello everyone!

This summer has been unusual for me when it comes to my outfits. Typically in summertime’s past, I’ve been a big midi sundress fan. And don’t get me wrong, I still love my floral dresses and get a lot of use out of them. But this summer I seem to be gravitating towards brighter colors, shorter skirts, bright and patterned biker shorts, and (light) layers.

These types of clothes are so much fun to play with, that each morning I get up I get excited to pick out what I’m going to wear. And believe me, that’s what I want! But when I first started wearing these more eye-catching outfits, there was that little voice inside my head that went… But what will people think? Because believe me, in rural Pennsylvania where I live, not everyone is wearing bright-pink glittery spandex biker shorts, over-the-top puffy sleeves, and swimsuit cover-ups as dresses. So every now and again, I catch the odd judgmental look from those around me. Or sometimes it’s not even strangers, in the past, I’ve definitely received a snarky comment or two from a peer or a loved one.

In these moments, I remember a piece of advice that my dad gave me a while back. How will I let other people effect my emotions? Or, in this case, my behavior and the way I dress? Will I allow any perceived judgement to rule how I express myself, or will I do what makes me happy and wear what I like?

Because really, that’s my ultimate goal when I wear something that may seem a little cray and over-the-top. Dressing up is a form of artistic expression for me! And I love to share them with others, but thrifting and piecing together cool outfits just give me joy during this time of uncertainty.

So if I could offer some advice to any of you out there who feel like they’re stifling who they are in order to appease the people around them, weigh your options. What’s more important to you? Expressing yourself as you see fit, and having fun? Or making the people around you happy? It’s a personal decision, but I can personally testify that living your life by other peoples’ guidelines isn’t nearly as fulfilling as doing you.


What are your thoughts? I would love to hear from you guys, so go ahead and start the conversation in the comments OR come connect with me over on my Instagram! My handle is @thegingerintrovert.

Until next time!


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