2020 Mood Board

Hello everyone!

So here we are, back in the roaring 20s once again! Last year I was inspired by Shayna Klee, on her YouTube channel Purple Palace to create a mood board for the year, with all of the dreams and goals I want to manifest during the year. In this week’s episode of my podcast, In Cahoots!, I reacted to my 2019 mood board (if you want to read the original blog post, CLICK HERE), and whether or not I achieved those goals or not.

So, I thought it might be fun to carry on with the tradition this year, and create a mood board for 2020!

This year, I decided to go with a little bit more of a theme than I did last year. I decided to include some of my favorite woman artists, writers, and creators in this mood board. Each of these women and their bodies of work inspire me so much to chase after my dreams, and I thought it was only right to include them.

  • “You are only the only one responsible for giving yourself the life you want. Read that again.” Quote from Brianna Wiest. I love this quote because You may also notice that the majority of the quotes I chose to feature are from Brianna Wiest. She is a local writer from where I live, and she even went to the college where I also graduated from, Elizabethtown College. I love her essays and poetry because she always makes me think and feel deeper that I originally would. Her words just hit so hard, and are so beautifully written.
  • The second image is a Screenshot from Purple Palace vlog in 2019, where she cuts her hair. Shayna Klee, the woman behind my favorite YouTube channel called Purple Palace, is a huge inspiration to me. She inspired me to put together these mood boards, starting last year in 2019, in the first place. I’ve also had the joy of messaging back and forth with her, and she encouraged me to make a YouTube channel for my poetry, which wasn’t something I considered seriously before she suggested it to me. So, in 2019, I’m hoping to make some videos that are just my poetry, and do my best not to make them too perfect, but to make them as uniquely me as possible, as Shayna does in her Purple Palace videos. The reason why I chose this picture of her specifically is because it is from one of my favorite videos she published in 2019, where she cuts her own hair and reflects on doing so. Obviously, it’s more meaningful than just that, and you can CLICK HERE to watch the vlog as well (and I would highly recommend her videos if you don’t watch her already, she’s an amazing creator!), but the video was so uniquely Shayna, that it was one of the inspirations for my releasing my poetry collection, Under The Pisces Moon, and shamelessly owning my life experiences in that collection.
  • “You still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want.” Quote from S.E. Hinton. I chose to feature this quote to remind myself that I have time, and I don’t have to achieve all my goals in the space of one year. I tend to get pretty down on myself when I think about everything I want to achieve in my life, and I often feel so behind when I compare myself to others (which… definitely don’t do this!). But this quote also reminds me of this quote from the 1994 movie Reality Bites, which I think pretty much speaks for itself:
  • Portrait of Frida Kahlo with “Be Fearless.” Frida Kahlo is one of my biggest inspirations, as an artist and as a human being. She was such a prolific painter, even though she went through so much in her lifetime. If you read some of the diary entries she wrote as well, you can get a sense of her courageous and fearless spirit, and this is what I have also found so inspiring about her, and is an attitude I want to carry into the new year. I’ll also include one of my favorite quotes from her, where she says: “At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.”
  • Trust. This year, I want to learn to have more faith in myself and the plan that I know God has for me. I am a pretty impatient person, and I often get discouraged when things don’t happen as quickly as I want them to. But, I need to have faith and trust the process this year, and if I do I feel like I will be much happier in the meantime.
  • Artemesia Gentilischi is next, and is another one of my favorite artists. She, much like Frida Kahlo, experienced a lot of adversity in her lifetime, but she was still a prolific artist, and was well respected in her time, back in the 17th century when there were not many well-known female painters. I want to take her courage to heart in 2020, as well, especially when it comes to my own art and writing.
  • “Don’t do it for anyone else. They’re not paying attention anyway. Your job us to create a life that you are happy to live every day, that’s all.” Quote by Brianna Wiest. I included this as a reminder to keep on doing my own thing in 2020, and not to be as much of a people-pleaser as I have in the past.
  • A screenshot of Carrie Bradshaw writing is next, and I included her without knowing I actually had a similar image in my 2019 mood board. I decided to keep her in 2020 as well for the same reason, to take her spirit and attitude towards writing into the new year!
  • Productivity is how you run away from yourself. Creativity is how you become yourself.” Quote by Brianna Wiest. This final quote is to remind me that I feel my best when I’m creating and writing, and to keep up with it in the new year! Especially when it comes to this blog, the In Cahoots! podcast, and the novel that I have been working on.

That’s it for my 2020 mood board reflections! I much prefer this to making resolutions, since I feel creating a mood board makes me dedicate more thought to the dreams I want to achieve in the long run, not just this upcoming year. However, I do have a couple more goals for 2020, or resolutions so to speak, and I thought I would add them here at the end before I sign off:

  • Work on my second poetry collection, possibly to publish by the end of the year. 
  • Release a hard copy of Under the Pisces Moon
  • Consistently create, whether it be writing, podcasting, or creating poetry videos.
  • Complete The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron course!

In case you were also interested in listening to me react to my 2019 mood board blog post that I published last year, you can CLICK HERE to access the episode!

Quarantine Catch-up: reflecting on the Covid-19 crisis and my first year as a post grad The Ginger Introvert Podcast

In this episode I talk all about how I've been feeling since graduating college a year ago in 2019, and how unconventional that year has been. Especially since the beginning of the quarantine. This is an especially vulnerable episode, since I talk about how I have struggled with finding a full time job since graduating, and how I got laid off from my part-time gig at the beginning of quarantine. Creators to check out: Check out Jazmine Rogers for all your thrifted fashion and sustainable lifestyle! Follow her @ThatCurlyTop on Instagram, and That Curly Top on YouTube. Check out one of my oldest friends Cassie Braun for some awesome bookish content for my fellow readers out there! Follow her @manoshgirl51 on Instagram, and Cassie Braun on YouTube. Where to follow Liz: You can follow @thegingerintrovert on Insta for all of my blog content and some thrifted fashion inspiration! I also have new posts on The Ginger Introvert website on Tuesdays and Thursdays, all about thrifted and sustainable fashion! I also have a page where I sell vintage clothing as well, and you can follow my shop @thegingerthrift on Instagram, or @thegingerintrovert on the Depop app. I drop new inventory every Friday!  Additionally, if you're a big reader like me, you should follow my Bookstagram @gingerintrovertreads to see what I'm reading on a weekly basis! Click here to access the full show notes, including all these links and a full transcription on The Ginger Introvert website!
  1. Quarantine Catch-up: reflecting on the Covid-19 crisis and my first year as a post grad
  2. A quick life update + 2020 favorites!
  3. Reflecting on 2019 and welcoming 2020!
  4. Ep.4: Witchy & Spooky Goodness
  5. The In Cahoots! Spooktacular episode, reading "The Cask of Amontillado"

What are some of the dreams you want to manifest in the new year? I would love to hear them! Leave a comment or come chat with me on Instagram, my handle is @thegingerintrovert 🙂



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