Wedding planning?

Tanner and I have been taking our time with our wedding planning. Mostly because we set our date for 2020, which is now just under two years away. Part of the reason why we’ve deliberated so long is because of our date. At first, we were thinking October for an autumnal/Halloween theme. Then, we were stuck on November 7th, with a winter evergreen theme. Now that Tanner is thinking of grad school after he graduates college, we’re thinking a summer wedding might be the best idea. So, late May or June might be in the cards for us as well. However, ever since the beginning of the summer, we’ve been doing a lot of brainstorming as to our wants and needs for the wedding. I thought it would be a fun start to my two year long wedding series to let you guys know what we were thinking!


We were thinking of having our wedding in Lebanon county, where my mom grew up and my grandparents live still. The reason why we’re thinking that area might be best for us is because we would love to get married in my grandparents’ church. Also, Lebanon is closer to the highway Tanner’s family would use to come from where they live up north.

For our venue, we’re thinking we want to keep it simple. We’re likely to have a small guest list of 60 or 70 people, so we’re not going to be in a giant ballroom. More likely, we’re thinking of looking at parks or fire halls, or a sweet little inn near where my grandparents live.


As I said before, were torn between two months for our wedding, which will ultimately be decided when Tanner figures out whether or not a graduate degree is what he wants to peruse after he earns his bachelors. However, if we stick to November 7th, were thinking a winter theme. Evergreens, gold, and red would likely be our color theme. As for flowers, I would want to carry a bouquet with roses or other rich reds. We’re okay with doing fake flowers for bouquets and the arrangements for the wedding. As for the centerpieces for the reception, I think sticking with something simple would be best. Just evergreens and candles would be elegant and timeless, but also less expensive!

If we did a June wedding, we were leaning more towards a color scheme with blues and greys. As for flowers, peonies or hydrangeas would be so gorgeous! I still like the idea of sticking with candles for the centerpieces, but we also like the idea of succulents. That way, we could get smaller ones for the tables, and then they could also be favors for the guests!


We don’t want food that will be too expensive, and I’ve been thinking that it might be nice to have a reception where we can set up a buffet. My only stipulation is I need to make sure there is vegetarian options, since I have been a vegetarian for years!

Tanner and I have also toyed with ideas for food bars, such as a cider and hot chocolate bar for November, or a milkshake bar for June! And as for the cake? I would love to have just a simple two tiered cake. I think the cakes with the shaved sides and flowers look beautiful!

Photos and video?

If anything, I want to invest the most money in a good photographer or videographer. I want to make sure Tanner and I will be able to have plenty of beautiful pictures to hang in our future house, and a video to look back on in the future, too!

Dancing and music?

I’m pretty flexible with most of the plans so far, but for me dancing is a must. I want the reception to just feel like a fun party celebrating our marriage. I don’t want the reception to feel stiff, I want everyone to let loose and have lots of fun. One way I think we can accomplish this is with great music and dancing! And of course, we have to incorporate the songs that are significant to us as a couple, as well 🙂


All in all? Tanner and I just want a small, simple wedding with a fun family feel. Nothing too expensive or overdone, just a gathering to celebrate our union and the future to come! If anything, I would rather save our pennies for the honeymoon, or a down payment on a house.

I plan to keep writing about the wedding planning process during the next couple of years as we get closer and closer to the date, so stay tuned! I’m bringing you guys right along with us 🙂




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