My Current Netflix Watch List!

Need some Netflix inspiration? Take a peek at my current watch list!

Hello everyone!

We all have it. The arsenal of movies and TV shows we’re just waiting to sink our metaphorical teeth into. My list is obviously much longer, but these are the shows and movies that I will be watching whenever I have a free afternoon next. So… Easter break anyone?

Black Mirror

My best friend recommended this series to me, and I’ve heard lots about it online as well. I’m not a huge fan of ultra scary shows and movies but she recommended a couple episodes that were especially good that she thought I would like, so hopefully I’ll like them! Coming from somebody who knows me so well, I think I have a pretty good chance.

That 70s Show

Tanner and I have watched up to the sixth season of the show, and then we stopped watching. I still want to know what happens, so I just want one free afternoon to snuggle and finally finish this series off!


I’ve already watched part of the first season, and I’ve liked the storyline so far. I read the Archie comics as a child, so I’ve needed to slowly introduce myself to the new storyline for fear of ruining my childhood. But what I’ve seen so far is so so good, I can’t not watch it. That, and (Spoiler Alert!) I’ve been shipping Betty and Jughead my entire life, so I’m excited to finally be able to see them get together.


The Great British Baking Show

I have heard so many good things about this show. And I mean, who doesn’t love a good baking show?

Beauty and the Beast (Emma Watson version!)

I’ve been waiting to watch this remake of a childhood favorite ever since it went into theaters (which was probably about a year ago now). I never get to the theater because it is way too expensive for my small college student budget, but Netflix is just my speed. Hopefully the movie will be worth the wait!


Have a favorite Netflix show or movie? I mean, who doesn’t, right? Mine are Gilmore Girls and Friends. We could all use some recommendations for our next binge-watching session, so let me know what some of your recommendations are in the comments below!




Photo Cred: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


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