#Galentine’s Week: Day 2

Honoring the cousins on day two of #Galentine’s Week! Here’s to Sarah, Bree, and Josie!

Sarah, Bree, and me at a restaurant.
Happy Galentine’s, day two!

Today, I’ll be celebrating my cousins (on both sides of my family). As an only child, I was always close with Sarah and Bree growing up. And now, with my little cousin Josie, I hope to be a role model to her, like Sarah and Bree are to me.


Sarah and me at the beach.

Sarah is the big sister that I never had. But she knows this already. Her ambition and drive to pursue and perfect her artwork is inspiring to me, and her skill has only gotten more and more impressive with each passing year. Her creativity is out of this world. This natural talent paired with her wisdom and maturity, produces artwork that is so rich with deep meaning, I’m always mind blown by her work and the quality of it. Sarah is a beautiful pillar of strength. Everyone who knows that she is a true force of nature. Little sisters have always imitated their big sisters, and I know that’s true for me. I’ve always been so in awe of Sarah, and I know I will continue to be, even into adulthood.


Bree and me in front of Gringotts Bank at Harry Potter World in Orlando.

Bree is another example of a force of nature. She is so dedicated to her work, which, as a Ferrier, takes a lot of physical strength. However, it also requires people skills and being able to connect with people, and that’s always been something I’ve admired in Bree. She can talk to anyone with a smile on her face. She has the best sense of humor, and can always make me smile. She also has a beautiful laugh and smile. Bree is a nurturer and is a mother hen for sure. She has the biggest heart, and even through heartbreak, has been able to persevere. Her strength over the last few years has not gone by unnoticed, and I admire her for it every time we talk.


My little cousin who is too young to have her picture on the blog. However, I still wanted to write a couple words for her, even if she won’t be able to read this (at least not right away). This little girl is in the second grade, and I’ve said for a while that she’ll be teaching my masters courses. I still stand by that statement. She is smart as a whip, and I know she’ll grow up to be extremely successful. Ever since she was a baby, she’s wanted to read or be read to, and now that she’s reading chapter books, she’s ripping through them all by herself. I’m so incredibly proud of her and how quickly she learns and grows.


Celebrate the women in your life with me! Leave a comment below and say something about a loved one who inspires you 🙂




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