21st Birthday Weekend!

Hello everyone!

So, as all of you who read my last blog post know, I turned 21 on Saturday! So, this past weekend was filled with fun birthday activities!


Before the big day on Saturday, I actually had to stay at school until the last day of the semester, on Friday. I didn’t have any more tests (I was finished on Thursday), but I needed to do a couple shifts at work before I left! After I clocked out I grabbed a few things I needed from my room and headed home. I was lucky that I was able to drive back to Lancaster when I did, because it started to snow pretty steadily just as I was settling back into the house. I hung out with my dad until I conked out and napped for a little (finals, man.) until dinnertime when my mom came home. Tanner drove to his hometown to pick up his new car (!!) before coming home to stay, and I was so relieved to see him since it had gotten a little icy outside with the freezing temperatures and the slushy snow.


We slept in pretty late, and had a breakfast brunch with my parents. My mom made cinnamon buns with cut up strawberries and it was divine! Especially compared to the breakfast food at school. Mom’s food is always without a doubt 1,000,000 times better!! After that, we just hung around and talked before I went upstairs to get ready for my birthday dinner. Tanner and I went to go pick up my best friend Sammie from her house, and we drove into the city for dinner at Rachel’s Creperie! It is one of my very favorite restaurants, and it was especially perfect for my 21st because it is BYOB! So, my mom bought me a couple pink wines to pick from, and we ended up having Barefoot Pink Moscato, which is my favorite. It was the perfect evening, with my fiance, parents, and best friend all in one place for dinner! Dessert was the best, too, because we all shared a Death by Chocolate crepe, which was absolutely delicious. Highly recommend.

After that, we went back to my house and just hung out, with the three of us playing Animal Crossing and laughing together until about 10, before we had to take Sammie back home. After that, Tanner and I had wanted to go to Target but they ended up being closed, so we drove around and got Arby’s (for him) and Burger King (for me… the only fast food restaurant with a veggie burger!). Then we just drove around a development near me to look at Christmas lights. Now, we’re blogging together before bed, planning the month-long break stretching ahead of us 🙂


Today we woke up late (again, still recovering from finals!) and went to Cracker Barrel for brunch. It was a fruitful breakfast, I got that dumb peg puzzle down to one for the second time in my life! Then I had some good sunny-side-up eggs and some hashbrown casserole, which made me a happy camper. What made me even more of a happy camper was the fact that we went to Target afterward. I made a bunch of great home decor purchases, which I have decided to make into a haul post (coming soon!). But let me just tell you guys one thing: Hearth&Hand by Magnolia Farms is everything.

Then we went to a cute little shop in Strasburg that I like called Blue Dandelion by Tiffany, and roamed around there for a little while. I love that shop because it always has cute trinkets and things, but it’s gotten increasingly expensive and out of my price range. But it’s always fun to look! Maybe even get some ideas for a DIY project (or post?).

Then Tanner and I went to Michael’s so that he could pick up some paint brushes and smaller canvases to work on this break, and then we headed over to Community Aid to roam around and look at the “bric-brac” section. Today was a little strange because we both walked out feeling a little grimy, like when a thrift store isn’t too clean, but we did find a couple more cute things to include in the home decor haul! Then we came home for dinner, and we introduced Tanner to one of our family favorite TV shows, Warehouse 13. After a couple of episodes, we finally were able to trim the Christmas tree all together!

Now, we’re blogging together again before we head to bed. Tomorrow we are road-tripping up to Honesdale to hang out with Tanner’s family, which is always exciting! Our road trips are always fun, and we’re definitely going to do a diner date somewhere either during the road trip or while in Honesdale.

This weekend was so very special. I’m so thankful that I got to spend my birthday weekend with my family, fiance, and best friend, who made it all very very special! I feel I should also say, it feels pretty awesome to be able to enjoy pink Moscato legally. It’s my favorite 🙂

In the meantime, I have a bunch of posts lined up for the rest of break, so stay tuned! It’s been so great to be able to blog freely again. If you have any requests or blog post ideas, please feel free to leave them in the comments, or find me on my socials!





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