Weekly Recap: Coast to Coast


This morning, we decided to have a beach day! We went to Avila Beach, which is about forty minutes away from my aunt and uncle’s house. We got lucky and got a parking spot right in front of the beach. We went to a place called Hula Hut for lunch, and I just got a cheese quesadilla, which was delicious. We went to the beach and got a place on the sand. I just sat and watched the tide roll in and out on the sand, and I thought about how different west coast beaches are compared to east coast, and it occurred to me that in the space of one week, I’ll have dipped my toes in the ocean on both sides of the country, since I’ll be in Stone Harbor on Saturday night!

I played with my little cousins in the water edge. We played follow-the-leader, touch football, tag, and they played on the swings and flew a kite. It got so windy after about an hour and a half, so we decided to pack it up and go walk around the cute shops near the waterfront. I stopped into one of the shops and picked out a cute royal blue baseball cap, since I wear them all the time and I wanted a little momento from the day! We went to Beach-N-Yogurt for frozen yogurt, which was super yummy. I got raspberry and coconut flavored yogurt and put a bunch of fruit on top. I haven’t had frozen yogurt in so long, so it was perfect for such a warm and sunny summer day! We hung out more on the beach for a little while, and we found a little cove tucked behind the cliffs beside the ocean. It was just a pleasant little spot. The water was warmer, more still, and there wasn’t anywhere near as much wind. I didn’t want to leave!

We drove back to the house, and I took a quick shower before dinner. After my aunt got home from work, we watched the end of the basketball finals (everyone was so excited about Golden State winning!) and we all decided to go for a run/walk/bike out around the development. My aunt and I mostly just jogged, and we saw the sunset over the hills around the hiking trails, which was beautiful! The setting sun illuminated the hills and made them look golden!

Before heading to bed, we all played Sorry, which I had never actually played before! It was pretty fun and went quickly. I sang some hymns with my uncle as well, before the kids went to bed.


While my aunt and uncle were at meetings or at work, I watched the boys in the late morning into the afternoon. Once my aunt got home, she took us to Target, and nice I was finished in there and she had some other errands to run in the other stores in the complex, I went over to Ulta. I got a couple things, like concealer (since I’m nearly out). I decided to try the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer that all of my favorite YouTubers seem to love. I decided to go for something new since my Fit Me concealer is okay, but hasn’t wowed me. I also decided to pick up an Essence brow mascara, since it was only about three dollars. Why not, right? And it turns out to be a really good little product! I tried it out once I got back to the house, and I like it so far.


Today was a very exciting day! I covered most of the day’s adventures in my post To Sit Atop a Rock, but here are some more pictures that I didn’t include in that post! Also, my uncle took me to see the ocean one last time, before I had to leave!


Thursday and Friday are a blur and run together in my mind. On Thursday morning, I went to Target and Ulta (again) with my aunt and cousins. The Ulta run was for me since I bought the wrong shade concealer for my skin tone on Tuesday. Then, we rushed back to the house for my aunt to get ready for work. Once she left, and we said goodbye, I looked after the boys until my uncle came home from work, and he took me to the airport. We had dinner there, at a restaurant right next to the airport called Spirit of Sa Luis. I had a quesadilla, which was really good, despite the fact that I was nervous for my flight!

I checked in after dinner and hung out with my uncle and little cousins before going through security. My uncle read us jokes off the internet, which ranged from funny to stupid to downright hilarious. After forty minutes, I had to go through security and wait for the plan inside. I said my goodbyes and gave hugs to mu uncle and two little cousins, which was so sad! I missed being home, but I loved the time that I spent with them, and I’m just so thankful that I got to spend the time that I did with them!

I waited for the plane for about another hour after getting through security. San Luis Obispo’s airport is tiny, with only one gate, so getting through security was pretty quick, thankfully! When I boarded the plane, my uncle and cousins were still there at the fence of the parking lot to wave goodbye to me. Once I got on the plane, I read Something Borrowed (not the best book ever, but a good plane read) until I landed in Phoenix at 9ish. I watched the sunset on the plane on the way to Phoenix, which was beautiful, but also showed the impending red-eye that I was not looking forward to… to say the least!

I had about a three-hour layover in Phoenix. By the time I boarded the Philly-bound jet, I was so exhausted I was about ready to cry. It was difficult to get comfortable, but I was about to “catch a wink” (as the pilot said it before takeoff). I woke up about an hour before we landed in Philly. The hour passed quickly (thank God), and I met my parents at the baggage claim! I was so so excited to see them. I missed them both so much while I was in California.

We drove back home, which, once I got there, made me feel like I never left in the first place. Then I showered and went to bed. It probably wasn’t the best decision for my jet-lag, but I was so tired that I think that it was necessary. I slept for hours… Until 4:30! Then I watched some Friends on Netflix before I had dinner (Burger King) with my parents.

It’s good to be home!


Thanks to jet lag and my well-intentioned nap, I did not sleep at all. I read, watched movies, and wrote blog posts (you’re welcome) until about 7 in the morning.I fell asleep shortly after that, until about 11 before it was time for us to get ready to go to the shore! However, my mom had a lot she needed to do, so my dad and I went to Subway to pick up lunch. I got my usual sandwich and an orange juice… Because my body is either still adjusting to Pennsylvania stuffiness, or I got a slight cold on the plane. Or an almost-cold… It’s at the point right now where my throat feels funny, but it could go a good way or a bad way. Here’s to hoping for the good way, which is that this clears up so that I’m not sick at the beach!

After lunch, it took another couple of hours to gather our things and pack up the car. We left the house at around 3 in the afternoon. We were finally on the road to Stone Harbor! We tried a different way of going to the shore… Instead of using the Commodore Barry Bridge, we used Delaware Memorial Bridge. On the way, I read and did my makeup in the car. I really think that the change of pace was nice, and it felt like it took less time to get to the shore. After we got about 30 minutes away from the beach house, we met my grandparents for dinner at a diner along the way. By the time we finished and left for the house, it was 7:30, and my boyfriend and my aunt and uncle were waiting for us to let them into the house! Once we got there, it was unload, clean, and unpack. I hung out with my boyfriend for a little, and gave him something to eat. I was so exhausted that I wanted to fall asleep early… That jet lag is still messing with me! Hopefully tonight, I can fall asleep and nip it in the bud so that I’m not tired tomorrow.


Today I woke up at about 9, hopefully resetting my sleep schedule. I did, however, wake up with a sore throat. So, I’m thinking that it is either a small cold or allergies, since my body is still getting to the Pennsylvania humidity. I’m leaning towards allergies since I felt better after taking some Sudafed.

I gave my dad his father’s day card, and ate breakfast with the family while everyone else gave gifts and cards to the dads in the family. After hanging out and talking, Nathaniel and I walked downtown to explore some of the shops. It’s interesting to see what’s new in town and what shops have closed, but there aren’t too many changes this year! After walking around town, we went back to the house and hung out, and eventually taking a nap. It was just your typical lazy Sunday, which was so relaxing.

After dinner, I walked to the beach with Nathaniel and my mom. It was too windy and cold on the beach to even put a toe in the water, so I just sat and watched the waves. My mom, a braver woman than I, went out for a swim and even went up to her waist. She was in the water for about ten minutes, which is longer than I would have lasted!

As I was watching the waves, I thought about the fact that on Monday I went to the beach on the West coast at Avila Beach, and now here I am on the East coast, at Stone Harbor! It’s kind of surreal, and I’m so thankful that I got to see so much of California with my family while I was there 🙂


I hope that everyone enjoyed reading about my adventures in California! I’m still planning on writing the Weekly Recaps, possibly for the rest of the summer! Or, at least when I’m traveling. So, next Monday, expect to see a week in the life at Stone Harbor!





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