Weekly Recap: Cali Week Two!


Today was pretty laid back! I woke up a little later than I expected, and spent a little bit of time watching the new Tati Westbrook video in bed. Tati is one of my favorite beauty gurus EVER! She is so much fun, and super knowledgeable! I may or may not be watching one of her videos as I write this XD

I ran some errands with my uncle, which included a Target run. There’s that Ulta two doors down from the Target, and I was dying to go in, but I exercised EXTREME self-control and did not. Who wants to take bets and see how long it’ll take me to end up going back, even though I don’t have much money to spend? I’m here for another week and a half and that BECCA X Chrissy Teigen palette has been calling my name since last Wednesday.

We went to Paso Robles to a place called Touch of Paso for brunch, and I got french toast with strawberries and cream cheese. It looked so good I completely forgot to take a picture of it. It took about three seconds to tuck into that, let me tell you… So good! Then, after picking my cousin up from school, I spent the rest of the afternoon looking after him, and making a pasta dish for dinner.


In the morning I woke up to an empty house, and I went for a run! When my aunt came home at lunchtime with my little cousin from kindergarten, we had lunch, then I ran to Trader Joes for some groceries for the house. I had a headache and wasn’t feeling good, so after coming back to the house, I rested for about an hour. I woke up a little before dinner, and soon after that it was time to put the kids to bed. Later on, I talked with my aunt and uncle over some creme brulee, which was so good!


This morning, I woke up later than I expected. I rushed to get a shower, and went to my little cousin’s kindergarted class for their end of the school year party. They san some songs, and had a slideshow fromeverything that they did during the year, which was so adorable! I took Jackson home, and we had lunch. My aunt came home from work, and we got ready for a pool party that she was hosting for Jackson’s kindergarten class. Most of the kids came with their parents, and I just tried to help as much as I could, since there were so many people!

After the kiddos left, we went to pick Matt up from school. Afterward, I played connect four with Jackson before dinner. Then, we just watched AFV on YouTube before baths and bedtime.


Unfortunately, I didn’t do much on either of these days because I wasn’t feeling very well. Thursday was the last day of school for the kiddos, and they were so so excited! I went for a run, which was nice since I hadn’t been on a run for a day or two. That, and I did a couple work out videos, one by my Tone It Up girls, and an abs video by Rebecca Louise that was KILLER. I mean it. Killer, and I’m so sore.

On Friday, I looked after my little cousins and one of their friends all morning. The boys trapped frogs and tadpoles, swam in the pool, biked and scootered… I was tired just watching them! That, and I watched The Sandlot for the first time with the youngest, Jackson, and I actually really liked it! Later on, I was supposed to go to a beach party for a couple of hours with my aunt and little cousins, but I just couldn’t do it. I rested and took a nice hot shower, which helped. Then, after dinner, I looked after the kiddos and put them to bed… Which is no easy task when they’re all hopped up on celebratory end-of-the-school-year root beer floats, let me tell you! I read. I sang. I wrestled. I tickled. I begged. It took me about thirty minutes, but after all that, and eventually the use of my stern grown-up voice, I got them to their respective rooms.


I went out on the lake with my family and some of their friends today! My aunt and uncle have a ski boat, so we took it out to a lake about forty minutes away from their house called Lake Nacimiento. The lake was so gorgeous, and it was huge! There were so many little coves and fingers of the lake to explore, and little beaches here and there as well. Once we got the boat in the water, we took off towards somewhere to anchor for lunch and some swimming. My aunt drove the boat and I was so impressed that she did! It was so relaxing to sit back and watch the scenery go by, and to watch the wake behind us.

It took a couple of tries, but we found a good spot to have lunch. We actually beached the boat and had lunch and swam. It was a little too cold for me to swim, but I didn’t mind just eating and enjoying the lake. After lunch, we cleaned up the boat and set to sailing again. We did ski-training (which is like water skiing, but with an inflatable blow up thing instead of actual skis), wake-boarding, and tubing. Since I still wasn’t feeling 100%, I only took part in the tubing, but that was so much fun, too!

We left the lake at around dinnertime, and once we got back to the house I was so exhausted, as was everybody else! We had a low key dinner, and we watched the beginning of Rogue One afterward.


I went to church with my aunt, uncle, and my cousins. The sermon was on Psalm 8 today, which I had never read or heard before! I enjoyed the message, and after picking up my one cousin from Sunday school, we went to Touch of Paso for lunch. I came prepared to take them out for a thank-you meal (to thank them for the trip), and so that’s where we decided to go! I had a waffle with strawberries, which was pretty good! I tried their fried zucchini, which was pretty kicking as well!

After lunch, I walked around Paso Robles with my aunt to do a little bit of shopping. My aunt made out pretty well with a cute blouse and a pair of shorts. I found a dress at Firefly that I was really tempted to get, but I decided not to get it at the last minute in order to save money for Grand Cayman and Stone Harbor. It was super cute, though!

We came back to the house to find that Tater (their dog) had gotten into a rose bush and cut the tip of her ear pretty badly. She was fine, but the wound was bleeding pretty profusely, and she was dripping all over the patio and the walkways in the yard. Later on, my aunt tried to bandage her up, and tape up her ear, but she just kept shaking it out, so we had to keep her outside, the poor thing!

My aunt and uncle had a family friend over for dinner, so we grilled fish and a portobello mushroom for me. We started a fire afterward, and made s’mores! I think I only have s’mores once or twice a year, so this was such a nice treat! After the family friend left, we watched more of Rogue One before I headed to bed.


Only one more Recap post in Cali… I can’t believe my trip to California is almost over! I leave on Thursday night and go through Phoenix again, where I take a red-eye to Philly (ughhh). I’m so excited to see my family again, and to go to Stone Harbor on that Saturday, but I’m really going to miss it here! I love California so much, and it has been such a great adventure 🙂




2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: Cali Week Two!”

  1. Hey Honey, love the updates – looking forward to time in Stone Harbor with you –
    Love you lots and lots –
    Give our love to the California Gang
    Safe travels home baby – remember you are loved beyond words
    ❤ ❤

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