OOTW: Finals Week

Hello Everyone!

 This past week has been crazy because of finals. This past semester was a good start to my Sophomore year, but honestly I am so glad that its over!

So since it was finals week, comfort was key for all of the writing I had to do for my final projects. However, I tried to be both comfortable and cute as well. The key to this is scarves and leggings 100%.

// MONDAY //

I wore jeans and a tan long sleeve shirt with my big blanket scarf that I could live in. I love this scarf because if I get cold, I can take it off and use it as a blanket. I had work on Monday and since I work in a colder place, I used it as both a scarf and as a shawl.


I wore my favorite Hollister jeans, a white tank top and a burned amber colored cardigan. I am also featuring Victoria’s outfit because she looked fabulous! I could be mistaken but I think her dress is also from Hollister as well.


I wore a hunter green top with cut-outs on the shoulders with velvet leggings. I have been loving the velvet trend, and these leggings are so comfortable. I went home early on Wednesday night since I only live about half an hour away from school, and I didn’t have to go back until Friday. My dad helped me take this picture, so he wanted to make sure I gave him credit for the picture. (There you go, dad.)


Thursday was a long and uncomfortable day. Let’s just say, I had a lot of writing to do and I drank six cups of coffee in three hours. So, I wore this sweater that was actually a hand-me-down from my dad and leggings (again).

// FRIDAY //

Friday was my birthday!! So, in spite of the 14 degree weather, I was determined to wear this dress that my parents got me for my birthday from Francesca’s. I am in love with this dress. It is so comfortable and it fits like a glove. I saw a friend of mine wearing this dress a while ago and when I looked it up online, dresses were on sale for 50% off I think, and I was sold. However, I think I would recommend wearing tights with it on such a cold day.

After my final on Friday, I got to go home for good. We made it everyone! Now, it’s time for Christmas and Holiday celebrations! Tree trimming! Family time! Pie! Can you tell I’m excited?

This weekend, I am in New Jersey for my family’s annual Tree Trim party, which is tomorrow night. I am so excited to see everyone! I’ll share more of my birthday and Christmas party details on Monday for my weekend post, so stay tuned!




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