Holiday Gift Guide

I absolutely love giving gifts! I love putting thought into the gifts that I give to the people that I love and making them happy with something that they’ll enjoy and hopefully use. However, I know from experience that shopping for the women in your life can be difficult, even if you are one yourself. So I went on a shopping trip with one of my friends recently and some things caught my eye that I thought would be good ideas for gifts! I tried to keep things on the less expensive side as well, because as a broke college kid myself I know the struggle of wanting to spoil your friends but needing to stay within a budget. Here are some of the things I found…


Jewelry is always a good bet. I’ve found that Francesca’s has some really cute pieces of jewelry for pretty reasonable prices. Another great place you can also go is Icing, which is a favorite of mine and my roommate’s! These earrings are really pretty, and these are cute as well! Studs can go with anything, whether for a dressed up or a more casual outfit. They go with anything, and look cute on anyone!

Also from Francesca’s, when I was there the other day I saw that they had a bunch of cute initial necklaces, which would make for a pretty personalized gift. This one is a little but simpler, but this one is a little but bigger with a longer chain.

Sweaters are also a good bet because I know that during the winter a cute and warm sweater will always be put to good use! This one from American Eagle Outfitters is on sale right now, and I checked the rest of their selection and they have a lot of cute things. But really, if you go to any department store you can some really cute options on sale this time of year.

Victoria’s Secret always has some really great sales this time of year. There’s lots of pretty scents and a bunch of different kinds of things, like lotions, sprays, and oils. So really there’s something for everyone! Especially with all the different scents, as well. Every girl has her favorite. I know that my roommate’s favorite is Wild at Heart. My personal favorite would have to be Sun Kissed.

Finally, for a book lover, “Milk and Honey,” is a collection of poetry by Rupi Kaur, and is beautifully written. When I picked this book up in the bookstore I couldn’t put it down! The illustrations are simple and gorgeous, too! Also, to check and see if this poetry would be your cup of tea, then check out Rupi Kaur’s (the author’s) instagram, @rupikaur_ . She has posted pictures of pages from the book, so check them out to see if you’ll definitely like it before you buy it!

Some final ideas off the top of my head for simple and inexpensive gifts would be a plaid blanket scarf, tea with a cute mug to go with it, or a small decoration from a local artist would make for a thoughtful gift, too!

Happy shopping, I wish you good luck in finding the perfect gift for that someone special! But just remember, sometimes the most perfect gift of all is just time spent together! Set up a girl’s night out for your friends and surprise them with something like tickets to the theater or a concert! Or give your significant other a gift card for a restaurant you both like and tell them to pick a date when you can both go together! Honestly, these are the gifts I love giving and receiving the most. Memories are precious and priceless.





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