Thanksgiving x2

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Thanksgiving is officially over for me, since I had a dinner on both Thursday and Friday nights. Yesterday, on the official Thanksgiving day, we went to my grandparents who live about 40 minutes away from us. We had a beautiful dinner all together, and afterwards the little kids all wanted to play, and the adults all wanted to take a nap.

It was of course a chillier day, so it was time to break out the puffer vest. This one is from Steve Madden Girl at Khols from last year, and the green sweater and the striped top under it are both from H&M. The boots are also from last year from Target.

After dinner, my dad and I went for a walk on a trail nearby my grandparents’ house, and there was an old railroad bridge that was perfect for pictures. These pictures are only a fraction of what I actually took, but these are the ones I like the best!

Then, on Friday my family and I drove up to New Jersey to visit with my other grandparents. We met my boyfriend there, and so all three of us cousins had our s/o’s there with us! It was a blast, because we all played cards before and a little after dinner. We played Dutch Blitz with Sarah and her boyfriend, but that got a little too wild for us so we switched to “Gold-fish,” and we had a lot of fun with that, too. We took a lot of pictures (of course) of all of us together, so here are some of those…

The outfit that I wore for tonight was the pink lace bodysuit and black thigh high boots from a shopping trip that I will be posting about very soon! With that was a black skirt that was given to me by Sarah a while back.

I love the fact that this body suit is off the shoulder, which is a style that I really enjoyed wearing over the summer. This bodysuit is definitely going to be nice to wear during the end of fall into the beginning of winter. And I am obsessed with these boots. I had been looking for a nice pair, and I came across these at a great price at a store I had never heard of before! They’re super comfortable, other than the fact that since they’re so high up the leg  it can be a little difficult to bend your leg right. But now that I’ve worn them in a little bit, it isn’t as much of a problem anymore.

I hope you all had amazing Thanksgiving celebrations with your families! There is oh, so much to be thankful for… Loving family. Amazing friends. And pie, of course!




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