OOTW: Breaking Out the Riding Boots!

Hello everyone!

I had a crazy busy week, but I thought I would try to document my outfits that I wore every day! I took a picture of what I was wearing by the end of the day, because let’s face it… For those early classes, we all know that we wear those sweatpants!

// MONDAY //


sweater, thrifted / scarf, handmade gift / leggings, khols / socks, target / boots, target



cardigan, target / dress, h&m / scarf, khols / boots, target / boot socks, target



turtleneck bodysuit, thrifted / skirt, thrifted / tights, target / ankle boots, thrifted



shirt, h&m / jeans, hollister / boots, target



shirt, forever 21 / jeans, hollister / belt, thrifted / boots, khols

I’m sorry about Friday… I either forgot to take a picture that day or I accidentally deleted the picture from my phone. Also, please excuse the dirty mirror in the first few pictures. By Thursday or Friday I finally cleaned it, haha! I also found these cute pumpkin stickers around my mirror at Walmart when I went with my friends on Friday. Lots of fun Fall stuff out right now!

This was either the first of second week that my riding boots got a lot of wear. I love dressing for Fall. Riding boots, plaid shirts and skirts, big sweaters with leggings, and a lot of dark autumnal colors are some of my favorite things to wear!

Happy Fall, everyone. AKA, riding boot season!



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