Feeling Stressed?

Who isn’t these days, right? Ever since school started, a peaceful moment is hard to come by. Whenever I feel like my year is about to explode, I do one or all of these things and I feel better.

1. Drinking peppermint tea (or whatever your favorite tea is) in my favorite mug.

I don’t know what it is, but drinking my peppermint tea in my favorite white mug that my cousin gave me makes a difference. I love how big the mug is and how it’s the perfect size to wrap my hands around, letting the how tea keep my hands warm. I make my tea and snuggle under my favorite blanket. It’s one of my favorite things after a long day of studying, it makes me so happy.

2. Watching trashy TV with my roommate.

Millionaire Matchmaker, Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?, Bachelor in Paradise, Gossip Girl, anything mindless to get our minds off the work.

3. Watching funny YouTube videos.

My roommate  and I do this all the time. Silly storyline videos and conspiracy theories are among our favorites. Laughing with my best friend is possibly the best medicine for stress.

4. Having a random dance party.

Crank your favorite music and just dance like a hippogriff for a solid thirty minutes, it until you can’t breathe anymore. My bestie and I love our nightly dance parties. We favor early 2000s music. Britney for me, Backstreet Boys for her.

5. Throwing a tantrum.

Humor me on this one. If your day was just downright terrible and you feel like you want to cry, dropping down and pretending to wail and pounding your fists like a three year old is actually surprisingly cathartic. If not hilarious. It doesn’t accomplish anything, but it’ll definitely make you laugh a little bit, and on those hard days sometimes all we need is to smile.

I wish you all peaceful days and nights, but if those stressful days do come (and we all know they do), I hope this helps!

Happy studying and slaying!


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