Hello! My Name is Lizzie Rose, and I am starting anew on this new blog! I am planning on posting new content once a week, on a day that is to be determined. I plan on writing about thinks that I am passionate about, such as books, fashion, fitness, things like that. Maybe a little DIY here and there, but whenever I try to do something Pinterest-y it backfires on me. I have also been thinking about posting cooking/baking tutorials since I love to cook, but since I’m at college that might prove to be a little difficult, unless I write them at home. I also love it when bloggers post about what they did over their weekends, so I think I’ll try that as well! Really, this is going to be a little bit of everything. I want this blog to be a fun little project for me, but fun for you to read, as well!

Have a beautiful night!



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